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In accordance with current legislation on the protection of Personal data (EU Regulation No 679 of 2016), we wish to inform you that the treatment of your personal data is carried out with correctness and transparency, for lawful purposes and protecting your confidentiality and his rights.

The treatments are also carried out with the help of computer equipment for the following purposes:

  1. To acquire and confirm your booking of accommodation services and ancillary services, and to provide the required services. In the case of treatments necessary for the definition of the contractual agreement and for its subsequent implementation, its consent is not required, except where special, so-called sensitive data are conferred. In case of refusal to confer personal data, we will not be able to confirm the reservation or provide you with the requested services. The treatment will cease at its departure, but some of its personal data may or must continue to be treated for the purposes and with the modalities indicated in the following points;
  2. In order to fulfil the obligation under the "single text of the Laws of public safety" (article 109 R.D. 18.6.1931 No. 773), which requires us to communicate to the police headquarters, for the purposes of public safety, the generalities of the customers accommodated in the manner established by Ministry of the Interior (Decree 7 January 2013). The conferral of the data is obligatory and does not require its consent, and in case of refusal to supply them we will not be able to host it in our structure. The data acquired for this purpose are not preserved by us, unless we provide the consent to the preservation as provided for in point 4;
  3. To fulfil the current administrative, accounting and fiscal obligations. For these purposes the treatment is carried out without the need to acquire its consent. The data are processed by us and our appointees, and are communicated outside only in compliance with statutory obligations. In the event of refusal to confer the necessary data for the above-mentioned performance, we will not be able to provide you with the services requested. The data acquired for these purposes are preserved by us for the time foreseen by the respective regulations (10 years, and also in case of tax assessments);
  4. To expedite the registration procedures in case of his subsequent stays at our facility. For this purpose, upon acquisition of its revocable consent at any time, its data will be retained for the maximum period of 60 months and will be used when it will be our guest again for the purposes set out in the preceding points;
  5. To carry out the function of receiving messages and telephone calls to you during your stay. For this purpose it is necessary to consent. You may revoke your consent at any time. The treatment will still cease at its departure;
  6. To send you our promotional messages and updates on the rates and offers charged. For this purpose, after acquiring its consent, its data will be retained for the maximum period of 60 months and will not be communicated to third parties. You may revoke your consent at any time;
  7. For the protection of persons, property and corporate assets through a video surveillance system of some areas of the structure, identifiable by the presence of special signs. His consent is not required for such treatment, as it pursues our legitimate interest in protecting persons and property in relation to possible aggression, theft, robbery, damage, vandalism and for fire and safety prevention purposes of the work. The recorded images are cancelled after 24 hours, except holidays or other cases of closure of the year, and in any case no later than one week. They are not the subject of communication to third parties, except in the event that a specific investigative request from the judicial or judicial police authority is to be adhered to.

We would also like to inform you that the European regulation recognizes certain rights to you, including the right of access and rectification, or of cancellation or limitation or opposition to treatment, as well as the right to portability of data, if and as (Articles 15 to 22 of regulation (EU) No 679 of 2016). It may also propose a complaint to the supervisory authority, in accordance with the procedures laid down in current legislation.

For any further information, and to enforce the rights which you acknowledge in the European regulation, you may contact:

Hotel Cristoforo Colombo del Giardino S.r.l. – (Rapp. Legale: Dalmazio Rossi) con sede legale in Via Filzi 2, Ancona - Tel. +39 071 7108990,92 - Fax +39 071 7108994 –, PEC: – P.IVA: 00978850428.

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La Cantinetta del Conero Restaurant

A rich menu and a wide assortment of wines

ristorante ancona

The pride of our hotel, the restaurant, renowned in the area, offers customers a quality cuisine combined with a friendly and attentive service.

  • Salon up to 180 seats
  • 3 private rooms for 2 to 25 people
Find out more about the restaurant
ristorante ancona The restaurant reviews:
  • "Without fail" tripadvisor-rating
    It was supposed to be a quick lunch, but at squid Black pappardelle with scampi and artichokes we did follow a good frying and the wine did its part, the next trip to Perugia was tiring, but it was worth it. I'il be back for sure...
  • "Pizza, fish and meat on the 16th" tripadvisor-rating
    It is a high profile restaurant with the possibility of a good pizza, good fish and excellent meat. Excellent first and varied the buffet. Only one word is not covered in the vocabulary of the wine cellar:  "disappointment".
  • "Masters Kitchen" tripadvisor-rating
    Many restaurants specialise in fish cooking, but as they say: cooking it in a simple way and making it absolutely exquisite is another thing. In this regard I was really impressed by the mastery in cooking roaring fish with potatoes and cooking olives and taste of great quality. Appetizers of all kinds and with prices certainly in line...
    Vincenzo M


    Every Friday

Cristoforo Colombo Hotel

Business Hotel & Conventions

Business Room

  • Free Wi-fi
  • Comfortable environment
  • LCD TV with Mediaset Premium
  • Phone
  • Hairdryer
  • Top courtesy Line


  • LCD TV, DVD player
  • Projector
  • Flip Chart
  • Portable audio and video system connected to PC
  • Ice cream microphone and desktop microphone
  • Wi-Fi, amplification system
  • Printer, photocopy and fax
  • Secretarial Service
  • Restaurant Bar Service
  • Your mobile office

    Your mobile office

    Including parking and wi-fi!
    €10 + iva

Cristoforo Colombo Hotel - La Cantinetta del Conero Restaurant

Great hospitality only 9 km from Numana, Ancona and the Conero

hotel anconahotel ancona
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Hotel Cristoforo Colombo
S.S. Adriatica Km 310,400 60027 Osimo (AN)
Sede legale: Via Filzi 2, Ancona - Tel. +39 071 7108990,92 - Fax +39 071 7108994
Tribunale AN n° 00978850428 - R.E.A. n° 150222 - P.iva 00978850428 - Capitale Sociale € 5.394,97
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